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Experts in Industrial and Intellectual Property

At the service and collaboration of professionals of the IP sector 

Law book

EXPERT TEAM in all technological areas of Industrial Property.

INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE, with an extensive network of correspondents throughout the world.

COMMITMENT of quality in our sevice and personalized treatment.

The firm counts on an extensive portfolio formed by companies of IP of all type and size.

Many of them are clients have been for many years and this has allowed us to support them in their growth and expansion. Our philosophy is to help our clients to define the best strategy for the protection of industrial and intellectual property, to advise them in the management of their protection and in the defense of their cases.

We are convinced that the management of industrial and intellectual property has become a strategic element of the first magnitude for the future of companies and, therefore, we dedicate all our energies and commitment, putting at the service of our clients all our knowledge and Experience to bring them the added value they need to achieve their goals.

  • Inventions
  • Industrial  Designs
  • Distintive Signs
  • Intellectual Property
  • Legal Service
  • Drafting of Contracts
  • Negotiations and Licences                        


Agents representatives in:

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